Easy Knitting Hip Spring Scarf Cowl

A great beginner knit cowl, that is hip and beautiful for spring! This Easy Hip Spring Cowl is lacy and light, this is just the kind of neck accessory that won’t overheat your neck, but will protect it from the chilly breeze. Gorgeous with a knit sundress and chic with sunglasses, when you create this easy knit cowl you’ll arm yourself with a lovely and feminine piece of outerwear perfect for every girly-girl and tomboy alike. If you want to learn how to knit lace-patterned cowls, this is the project you’re looking for.


You will need:

Between 1-2 Skeins Lion Brand Natures Choice Organic Cotton Yarn (I am not sure if this takes one or two skeins. I used one I had left-over and part of another skein)

Size 17 Knitting Needles


Tapestry Needle


Cast on 24 Stitches

Knit (Garter Stitch) until it reaches the length of approximately 21 inches

Cast off

Seam ends together – I used a simple whip stitch, which to me looks fine, but you can use any stitch you prefer for the seam.

For the tassels:

Each tassel contains two strands of yarn, folded in half, pulled through the scarf and tightened. Some people use crochet hooks to pull the tassels through, but the stitches are big enough on this scarf to pull them through with your fingers.

For each tassel: Cut two strands of yarn, 8 inches long. Fold in half together, put the folded part through one of the stitches at the bottom of your scarf. Then draw the end of the tassels through the folded end, pulling tight to create a tassel. Space them out evenly along the bottom of the scarf. Mine are about 2 1/2 inches apart. If this explanation doesn’t cut it for you on how to add tassels, there are a lot of good tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/


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