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Halo License Key

Dolby .Q:

Does Microsoft Resilient File System support online resiliency?

When Microsoft claims that a file system uses redundancy to improve reliability, are the multiple copies (the slices) of the file system online as well?
In other words, is there some time delay between the creation of the slices and the time that the user sees them?


No, they aren’t online, the file system is just a store of pointers to the blocks of the file, and the files are deleted when all of the references to them are deleted.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2010

The Editing Process Podcast #14

With the final chapter of Leslie’s book finished, it’s time to make that chapter sound great on the page and into the audio. We all need a better understanding of good and bad editing, and this week’s podcast delves deep into how to achieve that.

Have any specific questions about audio editing that you would like answered?

If not, how about feedback on the show itself?

If so, let us know in the comments. And if you like what you hear, you can follow this podcast page on its Facebook Page!For an emerging post-capitalist society, the struggle over the definition of authentic representation is a critical contestation. What it is to be an authentic political actor, an authentic cultural expression, and the extent to which such expressions are necessary as a means toward political change is the central issue.

The redefinition of authentic representations and the concomitant changes in the very notion of authenticity that have emerged from the current crisis of representation have reframed the struggle as one over the creation of new images of the self and society. One of the chief critical questions to consider is the nature of the avatars of identity and expression.

Those who refer to this as the artist or the intellectual have long understood that whereas the image or representation need not be literal — anything can be an avatar — genuine images must be sufficiently old in history so that they are deemed iconic, representative of some idea or ideal. The authentic image must be a symbolic reference to what ‘we’ ‘are’ or ‘represent’ ‘us’ and not something that is merely an invention of our own imagination.

The manner in which we have historically constructed the

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