How to knit braids with knitting needles, a selection of schemes and patterns

Braids and plaits are the most popular patterns when knitting on knitting needles. In whatever product the craftswoman does not use braids, the thing immediately acquires a solid, rich look. Knitting needles can easily create a lot of beautiful knitting of braids of varying complexity and width.

Knitting from braids with knitting needles: where they are used

Braids connected with knitting needles are universal patterns that can be used when knitting the following products for adults and children:

  • hats, scarves, snoods;
  • sweaters, pullovers, jumpers;
  • vests, jackets, coats;
  • sweatshirts, cardigans, dresses;
  • blankets, bedspreads, etc.

Knitting braids consists of moving the loops either to the right or to the left, and sometimes simultaneously from the center to the sides. Actually braids with knitting needles are obtained by alternately moving the loops in one direction, then in the other direction, but possibly in one. Knitting using more complex weaves is called making harnesses, although the principle of operation is the same.

Knitting braids with knitting needles is a process that requires attention and accuracy, but without the use of special technological techniques. The patterns are one-sided and easily fit both in a circle and with the rotation of the canvas.

Braid patterns with knitting needles: varieties and what they combine with

For knitting a pattern with knitting needles, you can choose the following types of braids::

  • narrow or wide of the front loops on the front side;
  • split in the middle of the braid with purl loops;
  • with openwork;
  • with complex interlacing of individual groups of loops (basket-like patterns), etc.

It is permissible to knit the entire product with a pattern of braids with knitting needles. In this case, it is appropriate to place the braids on the wrong surface, so the knitting will be more pronounced.

Knitting a pattern of braids with knitting needles is perfectly combined with such mating:

  • lozenges;
  • vertical stripes of elongated front loops on the wrong background;
  • with other braids of varying difficulty;
  • small uniform patterns like “putanki”, etc.

It is noteworthy that knitting braids with knitting needles is performed equally simply from the bottom up and from the neck down. There are no special restrictions regarding yarn, as well as regarding the choice of color. Knitting braids with knitting needles has remained fashionable and in demand over the years.

Braids with knitting needles, a selection of schemes and descriptions

We picked up several patterns of braids with knitting needles with diagrams. We hope that you will find them useful.

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