How to Open Buttonholes Once the Garment is Finished?

Many of you ask us why our patterns do not have buttonholes and it is so easy to open the buttonholes with the finished garment… So we are going to share how to do it and why we think it is a better idea to do them while knitting. In this article we will learn how to open buttonhole.

The First Reason: How to Open Buttonholes

The first and most important reason is that most of the time you knit a buttonhole (knitting yarn and knitting 2 stitches together) the little hole that comes out is a little big. Perhaps not at first glance, that will depend on the needles that you have used, but it does so that you can put a small button and do not undo it. The wool is very very flexible, and when you have inserted the button 4 or 5 times through the buttonhole, many times it does. This causes that we either have to put a few bigger buttons on the garment, or that we have to take a needle and thread and close the hole a little. So, we either do double work (knitting and then sewing the buttonhole) or we end up putting a few buttons larger than we would like.


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The Second Reason: How to Open Buttonholes

The second reason is that you don’t always know exactly where you want the buttons. We explain ourselves… You are knitting a cardigan that in principle you think is going to take a certain length and that in that length you are going to put 4 buttons. As you knit and once you have calculated where the buttonholes will go, you realize that you are going to like it shorter and that you also just want to put a button on top. If we have already started knitting buttonholes, we are obliged to undo or close them later by sewing them.

So for us, not knitting buttonholes gives us the flexibility to vary the garment a little once it is woven. The buttons can add a special touch to what we have woven and the garment is not the same with 2 buttons on top as with 5 distributed throughout the fabric, right? And many times you don’t know what you want to put on until you see the finished garment.

Making a Buttonhole is not Very Difficult

Do you think they are compelling reasons to stop opening the buttonholes for last? Well, when we tell you how it is done and see how simple it is, you will no longer have any doubts (if you have any left …)


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As you can see in the photo, how to open buttonholes. Is as simple as having a pointed scissor, putting it between the fabric and opening it so that the point opens. You don’t have to cut or anything like that. Once this is done, the buttonhole is already “open”, but to keep it open, we give a couple of stitches to the fabric above and below the hole we have formed and that’s it! Anyway, we leave you a super complete explanatory video, so you have no doubts!

But in Spanish. Please excuse. No problem if you just focus on what’s done.

We learned how to open buttonholes. Really easy way. Tell us in comments what you think… Do you think you will be encouraged to try this method? We will be happy to know how it went for you!!

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