Knit Dishcloths Pattern Free (Pink Purple Lilac)

We have chosen a beautiful and useful pattern for knitting lovers. Of course, you can make changes to the pattern we have chosen. It all depends on your imagination. This time we have set a nice knit dishcloths pattern free. It was a very basic pattern. I hope you will like it.

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It was a knitting pattern that we all would love to use at home. Whether you use it as a bath fiber or Colors are pretty nice. Use it as a dish cloth in the kitchen. It can even be used for babies. Color choices are nice. We made a mixture of pink, lilac and white. You can also choose different colors and shades that suit each other. It has a very flat knit pattern. You can also choose a different pattern.

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Trust your tastes. It is a free and very easy pattern. It is very convenient for beginners. I recommend you to try it. You can knit pretty fast. You can use it as Home design, bath sponge or fiber, washcloth/dishcloth. Come on easy knitting lovers.

Knit Dishcloths Pattern Free

How to Knit?

To knit a washcloth, we need polypropylene threads (I buy them on the market or in hardware stores) and a hook 2.

Knitting a washcloth is easy: 1 row single crochet, 1 row elongated loops.

We collect a pigtail of 56 air loops (in my opinion, this is the most optimal option for the size of the washcloth in width) and close the pigtail in the ring. Attention! Connect the pigtail so that it does not twist with an eight.

Next, we knit 4 rows with single crochet.

We knit the next row with elongated loops.

We knit the next row in single crochet. And thus we knit 14 rows, alternating a series of elongated loops and a series of RLS.

Next, break off the thread, straighten the tail of the thread to the front side (“Mohrushka”) and attach the thread of a different color.

We knit in the same way (7 rows with single crochet, 7 rows with elongated loops).

So we continue to knit to the end of the washcloth.

We complete the washcloth with 3 rows of single crochet.

Now we start knitting pens. Without breaking the thread, we pick up a pigtail of 65 air loops (the length of the handles is optimal, after a few uses the sponge will stretch a little) and attach the pigtail on the opposite side, and knit 2 rows with single crochet (round-trip). Many, I know, knit pens with double crochets, but such pens quickly stretch and tear.

The pen is ready.

We knit the second handle in the same way.

That’s all, the washcloth is ready. The length of my washcloth is 37 cm without handles, but I knit very tightly. Straight or diagonal dress pattern.

How did you find our model? Do you like it? Write your comments and comments to us in the comments section. Do not forget to share the pictures you like on social networks like pinterest. Stay with happy knitting.

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