Long Oversized Knit Cardigan Pattern (Lilac)

Use it anytime in summer or winter. We shared the lilac color Long Oversized Knit Cardigan Pattern that you will love every season. This color really suits. We loved it, but you can try a different color. Trust your own taste in this matter.

Those looking for a pattern for a long knit cardigan will love it. Your choice of knitting yarn will give you a hint. You can do it for all seasons accordingly. You can use it in the spring season when you knit with space. You can decide all these options. Feel free to knit your dream model. Do not hesitate to experiment for this. Keep trying constantly …

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A knitting lover shared a free cardigan pattern with us. The knit cardigan model is designed for women. But it is possible to knit for men with a more suitable choice of colors.

Let’s now go into the details of our pattern.

Lilac Long Oversized Knit Cardigan Pattern

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How to Knit

Size: 44/46
Yarn: Pecherka “Merino” color No. 700 Light violet, knitting needles No. 3
The main pattern:
The tourniquet consists of 6 loops; in every eighth row, the loops of the tourniquet overlap.
Rows 1 through 7 form a tow pattern.
1st, 3rd and 5th rows: * 6 persons. p. *, repeat from * to *;
2nd and all even rows: knit all loops according to the pattern;
7th row: * cross 6 points to the left (3 points left on the auxiliary needle before work, 3 individuals., Then knit 3 points from the auxiliary needles with the front) *, repeat from * to *
So, calculations from the country of Moms from Tatoha: I knitted a sample and it turned out that at 10 cm it turns out 3 braids in width and 3 braids in length.
Since my girlfriend didn’t want a tight cardigan, we decided that we should knit on the hips circumference = 110 cm.

I started knitting from the shelf, and according to my calculations, it turned out that I need to dial 68 loops = 8 braids.
First, I knitted 8 rows with a 2×2 rubber band and switched to the main pattern, for beginners I will write in detail how I knitted 1 row:

1 row: 1k, 2i, 6l, 2i, 6l, 2i, 6l, 2i, 6l, 2i, 6l, 2i, 6l, 2i, 6l, 2i, 6l, 2i, 1k k – edge, l – front, and – wrong side
then I knit in a pattern making overlap in the following rows:
7, 15, 23, 31, 39, 47, 55, 63, 71, 79, 87, 95, 103, 111, 119, 127, 135, 143, 151
On the 151th row, she closed 1×5 loops, 1×3 loops for the armhole, continued to knit making overlapping in the 159th, 167th, 175th, 183th rows.
On the 176th row I closed for the neck 1×10 loops
on the 178th row 1×10 loops
on 180 row 1×7 stitches
On the 187th row, she closed the remaining shoulder loops.

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