Mushroom-shaped needle pads from felt (DIY)

We are with a new DIY topic. You can easily do many things yourself in your home. The needle pad is one of them. It is possible to make a needle cushion quite easily. In this topic, we made a mushroom shaped needle pad from felt. What you’ll need: just some white and red felt. Some yarn.

Sewing and knitting lovers will use a product a lot. Needle pad to hold needles together. This thing you can do in a simple way can be a nice gift. You can also use a different design than cork. We made it as a mushroom house, the house of the Smurfs. It can also be a nice toy for children. Even a decorative material for your home. You choose the area of ​​use. You can use it beautifully by taking advantage of your imagination.

Mushroom-shaped needle pad from felt

Felt is a durable material. It does not crumble easily and is easy to sew. For this reason, we do it using felt. You can also take advantage of this idea to do something nice. I am sure you will be successful. You can send us what you have done. We can share it on your behalf if you send it by explaining how you did it. May it be easy for you all.

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