Openwork Long Cardigan Knitting Pattern (Purple/Lilac color)

A good example for those who want to knit long cardigans. We share a knitting pattern that you can make quite easily. Purple/Lilac color chosen. You can make your choices in different colors and tones. On our long knitted openwork cardigan model page.

It is a nice choice especially for the spring months. Great idea for those who decide to knit a long cardigan. You can make more different models by using your imagination. Never hesitate to try it and never give up. You can make something more beautiful in different colors and models. We shared this just as an opinion.

Circular knitting needles are used in this knitting. The template of the model is also included in the pictures. The approximate amount of yarn required is 450 grams.

composition: Alpaca 25%; wool 26%; polyacrylic 49%; 385m – 50gr
N2.5 – 1×1 elastic; N3.5 – main canvas

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