Patchwork Potholders Free Patterns for Your Taste

A patchwork is created by combining fabrics with different patterns. So patchwork means this. Waste can be made from fabric. If you think what to do with piece fabrics, you should definitely try it. In this article, we will share Patchwork Potholders and a few patterns that you will like.

Handles made of multicolored Potholders can be useful. Especially it can be known as granny patterns. Because the old people used much more. That way they didn’t waste any fabric.

Best 14+Owl Pocket Potholder Free Crochet Pattern


Square Potholders: Can be recommended as the most popular handle. You can sew in 8 square pieces.

Oven Glove Type Potholders: Another common use is as oven mitts. We can give a few suggestions on how to do it. First you can sew a cloth from the pieces. Then you can make a template out of cardboard and cut the desired model.

Heart Shaped Potholders: Very cute for those who want to do something romantic. It can also be a nice gift.

Potholders Using Quilting Technique: These handles are made from a single piece of fabric. But it is decorated with a voluminous seam. This is called the American patchwork.

Patchwork Potholders for Your Taste

Put your taste in the foreground while making all these models. Don’t hesitate to try it out. In this way, you can catch the most beautiful model. You can also evaluate your piece fabrics. You can make an easy and fun product. You can make a nice handle model with various ornaments.

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