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Tecnicas Radiograficas Biasoli Pdf Download

Other product lines

The initial products developed for the SIGMA line are known as “tecnicas radiograficas biasoli” from the Spanish word for “radiology”. This first product was a digital radiography system for orthopedic examinations. The version 2 was the first product to cover the entire range of radiology and was followed by a version 3 in 2000 and a version 4 in 2005. In 2008 a version 5 was released, with reduced price, which also has a digital module. The version 6 was launched on August 2011, with a new digital module, a new generation of c-arm and a new dose management module. The last module was released for free in January 2014.

Tecnicas radiograficas biasoli is currently the brand name of 15 product lines, including the known product line “sigma” for digital radiography and “remio” for a modular software product for medical radiology. All “sigma” and “remio” tools are also available for the entire SIGMA and SENTIS line of products.

SIGMA is the brand name for a product line which consists of digital radiography systems for orthopedic examinations, for the different sizes of horse and humans. This first product was launched with version 8 in 2009. An important design change was included in version 10, which was offered for free.

Other products were launched in various years, such as:
version 1 for mammography as a digital mammography product
version 2 for angiography for different sizes of humans, and later for animals
version 3 for cardiac cine
version 5 for CT
version 6 with a new c-arm and a new software module for dose management
version 7 for digital mammography, on the basis of 3D sensors and digital breast tomosynthesis
version 8 for a digital product for angiography for the human
version 9 for a digital product for cardiac cine
version 10 for a digital product for mammography
version 11 for a new c-arm and new software modules
version 12 for a new c-arm with a new software modules
version 13 for another digital product
version 14 for the same c-arm and the same software modules
version 15 for a new c-arm and new software modules
version 16 for a version of 3D mammography for the human
version 17 for digital product for angiography for the human
version 18 for digital product for cardiac cine
version 19

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